Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my amazing parents! Twenty-nine years ago today, they said “I Do”, and as I am about to celebrate my one year anniversary a week from today, I cannot help but be incredibly thankful for the amazing marriage they have; the example they have set. My parents have always been there for one another, and even in disagreements, the level of respect and love they have for one another has never faltered. I love the way my fun and zany Dad brings out the spontaneous side of my Mom. I love that my mom’s sweet and selfless nature consistently brings encouragement to my Dad. I love that they have become like newlyweds all over again, as empty-nesters, and I love that they both have such a passion for God, a devotion for each other, and an undying love for our family. They are two incredible people, but as a couple, they are even better! They complement each other, and though they are opposites in many ways, their priorities are so aligned. I love these two so much, thank God for them daily, and wish them many more years of wedded bliss!

I would be remiss, however, to not be equally thankful for my in-laws’ marriage. On May 7th, they celebrated thirty-five years together!! I am so grateful to have two strong and lasting marriages to learn from, to lean on in the years to come. Marriage is not easy, and I know Pete and Denise have had many hard times, along with all of the good ones, but they have persevered and the love they have for one another is enduring. I absolutely love seeing them together, and how much they truly enjoy each other’s company. They, too, complement each other and have a way of anticipating each other’s needs that can only come from years and years of knowing and loving one another.

On the plane yesterday, I was reading an article in Glamour Magazine about marriage. They had taken a poll of young 20 and 30-somthings about what they think about marriage in today’s society. Shockingly, men as a whole were more traditional about the institution than women; disturbingly, more than half of those polled believed marriage was a nice thought, but not necessarily a permanent decision. The view of finding someone “for now” and someone who is “perfect” is becoming more prominent. If they turn out to not be perfect (big shock there), then the obvious solution is to get divorced. It’s easy and acceptable. But to me it is heart-breaking. Marriage is hard, it takes work, dedication, honesty, trust and love (in the commitment kind of way, as well as romantic), but it is SO worth it. And though I know there are legitimate reasons to get divorced for sure, it makes me sad to see the way a majority of our society (as least my generation) is adapting the definition of marriage—potentially throwing away what could be an amazing journey together. And thanks to my Mom and Dad, Pete and Denise, and many other marriages like them, I know that the journey is worth it.

So Happy Anniversary to my incredible parents!! Here’s to you, here’s to Pete and Denise, and many more couples that honor the institution of marriage, that love one another in a selfless way, and that make me excited for the many years and experiences to come in my own marriage.


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