Dear Mama

Two days late, but I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday! You are one of my best friends, and I never take for granted our relationship, our daily chats, your wise advice, and our many wonderful memories together. You are truly the most selfless person I know, and your steadfast faith, fierce devotion to your family, and consistently ready encouragement for others is astounding to me. I love how comforting you are no matter what crisis I may be in; I love the perspective you shed on every situation, and the wit you provide just when I need a laugh. I love that you are a Jersey transplant, that you have moved so many times, yet do not like change. I love that you are a “Good Girl” and your conscience is as big as all outdoors. I love that you are a huge fan of college football, and an even bigger fan of all your kids. I love that you challenge me in my faith, and I love that you support me in all of my endeavors. I love that now that I am a wife, I can relate to you on a whole new level, and I know that when I become a mom, this will become increasingly true.

I love your generous and thoughtful nature, and I love your creative flair. I love that you are incredibly smart, and I am so thankful for all of the nights you stayed up with me: proof-reading, studying, or quizzing me over material. I love your gorgeous smile, and I love that it radiates from your beautiful heart. You are an amazing mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, and most recently, Gigi. I love the way Saffryn and Pierce adore you and it makes me excited for days in the future to see you with my own children.

I love everything about you, Sweet Mama, and I am so thankful God gave me you to learn from and lean on. You are the best, and I hope your birthday was as amazing as you.

Love always,

Your Little Girl


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