Weekend Warriors

Home ownership was new to me as of Memorial Day weekend last year.

I have loved having a “permanent” home, and I continually appreciate the fact  that investing time, effort, sweat, and money (maybe not in that order…) equates to a sense of pride in making a house our home. But what I think I love the most about my home is who I share it with. Brian…and Froggie, too (haha). Brian is an incredibly hard worker–he gets it from both of his parents–and there is never a lack of a to-do list, a project, or routine maintenance that needs to be done around our house, according to him. For instance, both mornings this weekend we were out of bed and tackling a to-do list item by 8am. And it felt good! We power washed and bleached our deck, re-mulched the entire yard, washed all of the windows and each screen (twice), washed both cars  and did a fairly decent job of cleaning the inside of the house, too. Whew! I am t.i.r.e.d.

But I feel like I accomplished something…and I did it with him. And when we work together we are not only more effective, but the task is more enjoyable. I have learned to cherish mornings spent working with him in the yard, side by side. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we are mutually lost in thought, but it always feels like teamwork.

I learn so many basic (and advanced!) skills from him, but I also aspire to have more of his work ethic. He does not know how to do everything but he sure will try until he learns, and not only gets it done, but does it perfectly. I am grateful for such a hard-working, resourceful, diligent, and handy husband.

In between projects, we managed to squeeze in some pool time on a rooftop of one of our friend’s office buildings. Why is Google so cool?!?!

We also shopped for some new chairs and a new kitchen table and found an absolute STEAL on both fronts. Again, thanks to the negotiating skills of my husband…my “poker face” was not exactly indecipherable. Looking forward to putting the new furniture to use for some dinner parties and out-of-town company in the coming months!

On Sunday, I celebrated this man…from a couple hundred miles away. I hope all the dads out there had a great Father’s Day, and particularly the amazing ones in my family: Daddy, Gampie, Dan and Pete!

All in all it was a mostly productive weekend and I feel satisfied with the amount of work we were able to accomplish while still taking time for a few water fights in the yard, a long walk with FrogDog, and a dinner and movie date night. Thanks for the lessons and the laughter, Brian!


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