Oh Calamitous Me

Remember how my family loves nicknames? Well, two of mine happen to be “Tiny Tim”, and “Little Black Cloud”, or “LBC” for short. No lie. Ask any Mahoney or Brian. Why is this? Because I tend towards calamity in my life. I am one of those people who simply finds herself in near disastrous  situations on a regular basis.

Car wrecks? Check. Lost in Madrid at 3am? Check. Getting hit by a taxi while crossing the street? Check.  Falling over myself, flat on my face…daily? Check!

I typically laugh, because it is just part of who I am. It makes life more interesting for sure….though, I don;t think Brian or my Dad find it quite as funny. But, I digress.

This weekend Brian so generously bought me these:

I am so excited!! These are my first pair of clipins for my road bike. The next step in training! We are planning to try them out tomorrow night. Though, I am a little apprehensive. The salesmen who sold them to us told me I would fall. Without a doubt. Considering I am already fairly accident prone, this was just bad news. I have no hope of maintaining my dignity as I learn the ropes of this new technique. All I can hope to maintain is a clean track record of no ER visits…in 2012.

So here’s to learning a new skill, as gracefully and adeptly as a calamitous girl can!


One thought on “Oh Calamitous Me

  1. Tylie

    I always thought those looked so scary myself! Good luck! And my dad swears by them and says it makes biking so much better…hope you get those samle results!


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