A Day Late

But a Lifetime of Gratitude for those who lost their lives 68 years ago on my behalf.

America was built on men like this. Men whose loyal service, unwavering bravery and undying belief in the American cause brought them to the point of sacrificing their very lives for the sake of their countrymen. For the sake of our Flag.

Though “Thank You” can never describe my deep and utter appreciation and thankfulness for the sacrifices made so that I may live in a free country, my hope and prayer is that every military man and woman feels the respect, honor, and gratitude that they deserve.

God Bless America and the brave soldiers that ensure our freedom every day.


3 thoughts on “A Day Late

  1. roberta

    Brian’s uncle Frank Smutek was killed on D Day. H e was a paratrooper that had only been in the army six months. He is buried in France.

  2. roberta

    Becca, Brain’s great-uncle Frank Smutek lost heis life as a para-trooper on D-Day. He had been in the armysix monts and wa only twentry years old. he was a hero .


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