The Heart of Life

I have been searching for the “perfect” title for my blog for a long time. My blog contains such a wide array of topics, with no apparent theme…except for simply life. I have been encouraged to narrow it to a more focused/topical blog…but I just can’t. It represents me: scattered, thinking a million different things at once, with no rhyme or reason. Yep. That’s who I am.

So this weekend, while I was busy drowning Brian with birthday wishes and reasons I love him, one stood out among the million others. He lives life to the fullest. Not in the clichéd-paint-it-on-a-wall kind of way, but in an earnest, sincere, infectious kind of way. Every day for Brian is an opportunity for an adventure. He is full of energy, ideas, and vitality. He is full of life. It reminded me of this verse, one of my favorites:


And to me, Brian exemplifies this. He treats every day like a gift. An occasion–an invitation–for greatness, not to be taken for granted.

So, now I have my title. Along with my challenge. To live life to the fullest. To take what God has entrusted me with: this day, my marriage, my family and friends, my career, my home, etc. and to be thankful for it. To use it as an opportunity to honor Him, to love others well, and to truly enjoy life and all of the adventures and mishaps along the way. It will never be perfect, there will be many times when it is not easy, but the Life He has given me is good.


One thought on “The Heart of Life

  1. Tylie Mahoney

    Great title!!! I am glad you don’t narrow down your blog topics. I like the random and all encompassing thoughts! Keep up the great writing and letting us all be a part of your life :)


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