Nicknames the Mahoney Way

Many people have given Brian and I funny looks over the past couple of years. And, more times than not, its regarding the name he calls me: Teddy.  Naturally, friends often ask where this name came from? And so the lesson of Mahoney nicknames ensues…

My Dad is the ultimate family man. I have never seen a man love his kids more whole-heartedly and with more devotion–he’d do anything for us. And he absolutely loves spending time and kidding with us. His two favorite games? Trying to embarrass us in public (depending on which one of us—he has mastered this game!), and giving us TONS of  nicknames. I believe at this time my count is 27…and my three siblings are not too far from it. Not to mention my poor Saint of a Mother!

But Teddy is special. It was adopted within days of my birth.  I was born in February 1988, days before the winter Olympics in Calgary. Being a newborn, I was up at all hours of the day and night. As the story goes, my dad would wake up with me,  hold me, and rock me to sleep while watching reruns of that day’s events.  From day one, I was his girl, and loved nothing more than being held by my dad. So much so, that he started calling me His Teddy Bear. Teddy. The name has stuck for 24 years, and now my husband has adopted it as well.

I love it. Its unique and it’s me.

This is one of my favorite things about being a Mahoney…and it has transferred in to being a Tochman, too. Brian and I are all about nicknames and goofy monikers for one another. It’s a fun way to relate, and always contributes to a great story.

So, next time you hear my Dad, my Mom, my Sister, my  Husband, or any number of other family members call me “Teddy”, you’ll know the story…and a little more about what it’s like inside of my zany, lovable home.


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