A Mother’s Love

Nearly a year ago Brian and I stood in front of our family and friends and committed our lives to one another. And while there are many unforgettable moments about that day, one of my favorites is the love the Pastor spoke of in the homily.

He did not talk of romance or feelings; beautiful sentiments or exciting emotions. He compared our commitment to that of a mother for her child. From the first days of motherhood, a woman learns sacrifice. A newborn cries, sleeps, eats, repeats. There is little reward that comes with 2am feedings and comforting an inconsolable baby. But a mom pushes on. The love that she feels for that child is incomparable. Sacrificial. Selfless.

This is the picture of what marriage should be. It is not about “me”, but about the relationship. About being a supportive, encouraging wife. About learning to put my husband’s best interest above my own. Learning to live sacrificially; selflessly. And I have many, many mothers in my life that embody this ideal. But two–one by birth and one by marriage–stand out among the rest.

I was incredibly blessed by the mother God gave me. She has personified this sacrificial love my entire life. She has spurred me on, encouraged me, loved me unbelievably well, and always put my best interest above her own. She is beautiful inside and out, and the graciousness she exhibits in every situation is incredible to witness and learn from! My hope and prayer is that i can one day follow in her footsteps, both as a devoted wife and an amazing mother.


And on July 2nd, 2011, I inherited a second mom. Denise is the picture of selflessness and warmth as she has generously welcomed me in to her home and her heart. I love our talks and the genuine kindness and care she constantly offers. I am so thankful that Denise is such a strong and wise example for Brian and I both and I am truly blessed by our constantly developing relationship as I learn so much from her.


I thank God for both my Mom and my Mother-in-Law and for the beautiful examples they are of a selfless, sacrificial love. A Mother’s Love.

Happy Mother’s Day! I love you both!!


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