Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

I cannot believe that my cute-as-can-be nephew is one today!!! Pierce is a happy, cuddly, bundle of joy and his fun and mischievous personality have left the entire family enchanted! I love this sweet boy!


And I love this family!!


It’s been so fun to see Saffryn completely embrace the role of “Big Sister”, and I know she will do a great job of showing Pierce the ropes of being an older sibling come this fall when the sweetest new addition joins the family!

And I am so blessed to have such an amazing brother and sister-in-law showing ME the ropes of being a parent (and they are remarkable ones at that!!), so when Brian and I have kiddos some day, we can come to them with all of our new-parent questions and concerns!

As for now, I am absolutely thrilled to celebrate the first year of Precious Pierce and look forward to seeing all of the exciting changes that are in store for him in the year ahead!!! Love you, Sweet Little Man!!


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