My (un)Fashionable Necessities

I am no fashionista. I love clothes, shoes, and the like, but trend-setting-risk-taking fashionista I am not. However, due to an article I read this afternoon, I have decided to identify my fashion necessities–the items that I cannot live without.  

  1. Nude pumps. They go with anything and everything. Can be dressed down with jeans, or jazzed up with a bright dress.
  2. A Denim Jacket. Fashion forward? I think not. But definitely a great option with shorts, a sundress, and a date night to the movies.
  3. A bright sundress. Or twenty. My mom loved dressing Abbie and I up as little girls…and I have never quite gotten over the fun, flirty ruffles, bows and bright colors that can be found in a summer dress.
  4. Skinny jeans. A must have for winter months when boots are the only option for trudging through the now. And a brilliant solution to pair with a flowy, summery dress.
  5. Boots, boots and more boots. Winter is only survivable, in my opinion, by the ability to wear boots and coats.
  6. Which brings me to…a winter coat! Which, as Brian can attest, I may wear well in to the Spring. In Texas. I have issues.
  7. An oversized purse. I am a girl on the go, and as I need to pack my bag each morning for my often twelve-hour long day…it takes some planning, and a whole lot of room (for snacks!).
  8. High Heels, Wedges, & Flats. I was never a shoe person until recently…and now I absolutely love making a statement with my footwear!
  9. Sunglasses. Practical and pretty. I can hardly go outside in the bright Texas sun without a pair of these.
  10. A statement watch. Though I use my phone to tell time, this is the perfect accessory to every outfit.

To sum up my style, I would say I like bright, bold colors and cuts (bows, frill, hemlines, etc.); I am not a trend-setter, but not necessarily a trend follower all the time either; I love heels, I love being bare foot; I love pretty dresses and Brian’s old t-shirts. I am a mish-mash, and that is how I like it!


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