On The Menu

Last night I made Chicken Piccata. This is by far my favorite chicken dish, and so I thought I would try my hand at making it. It was a SUCCESS! Brian and I both loved the light, summery flavoring, and paired it with a delightful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Things I learned for next time:

Be quick when flipping the chicken cutlets while they are sauteeing…its not fun to get vegetable oil splattered on you!

You can never use too much white wine in the saute pan. I liberally added more than the recipe required!

Cut out butter where possible–I have to squeeze in the healthy choices when I can…and we did not notice a difference.

Always, always go to Coldstone BEFORE doing the dishes…otherwise they may just run out of cookie dough before you get there. Big bummer.


All in all,  the Tochman Sunday Supper was a great success. And hearing Brian’s rave reviews made me all the more motivated to keep cooking. Cheers to a great week and more new recipes along the way!


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