Recipe Review

I made a new recipe yesterday. It looked delicious, sounded delicious, and was simple enough that I felt comfortable trying it with my oh so limited skill and experience in the kitchen. I went to the store after work, followed the recipe to a tee, and dinner turned out…poorly. It was way too dry. There was not enough cheesy sauce–which is precisely what makes mac ‘n cheese so desirable. Not sure what I did wrong…any thoughts or suggestions??




I even forgot the salad! Oh well. This cooking fail did not discourage me, surprisingly enough. It just made me want to get it right next time; to keep trying, experimenting, and learning in the kitchen. And my cure all for a bad day, or a failed recipe?? A batch of my favorite chocolate chip cookies. A recipe I love and know by heart.

Here’s to trying more new recipes…and hopefully tasty ones at that!


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