A Welcomed Surprise

Life is full of surprises. And while it is true that many are unwelcomed, yesterday around 4pm I got one that was both welcomed and wonderful! My brother, Dan, was in Dallas for business and texted me if I could go to dinner with him. Ummmm, YES! I love my brother and rarely get to see him, and when I do, it is usually over a far too fleeting weekend where he has probably spent the majority of it hunting with my hubby and Dad. So this little slice of quality time was something I very much valued.

We met Brian at Hard Eight BBQ in Grapevine near Dan’s hotel–if you live in Dallas and have not ventured out to this restaurant—GO! It is some of the best barbeque in Texas, and I know that is claiming a lot!

We had a great time! We caught up and, as always, I learned a lot from my big brother.  Dan is one of those people that my mom likes to use the phrase “Still waters runs deep” to describe. He is not outspoken, though he provides a lot of insight on any given situation. He is not an attention-seeker, but can get to the heart of a conversation and leave those listening riveted by his wisdom, acumen and introspection. To say that he’s a great guy is an understatement, and I am so blessed to have him as my brother.

By merely listening to him talk about his faith, his trust in God for his future, his perspective on Heaven, and his willingness to see everything in this life as fleeting, was a tremendous challenge to me. He does not go to Church on Sunday and leave it at that; his entire life is focused on how he can better serve God, how he can better live out his faith.  And it has an incredible impact on everyone around him–from his coworkers to his friends, to our family. I love my brother, and am so thankful for the surprise of seeing him last night, being able to catch up, and being challenged by him so that I, too, may better live out my faith.


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