I love being married. There is so much truth to what people say about having that person beside you, to experience life with someone you love so much.  But I also think it is incredibly hard—it takes a lot of work, perseverance, selflessness, and love (as in commitment, not romantic feelings).

While talking to my mom the other day, she told me something I won’t soon, if ever, forget. She said she does not really understand why everyone says marriage is a 50/50 partnership. Because it is not. It is about giving 100% of yourself, and being the best partner you can be, regardless of what the other one is doing. Not to say that I should ever ignore the hurt feelings I may have, or frustration I may feel—communication is incredibly important—but my job is not to “fix” Brian, my job is to be the best wife I can be. And when I look at our relationship through that lens, it really helps me to see Brian for all of the amazing aspects he adds to our relationship and life together, and helps me to let go of the few things that we disagree on. Because, bottom line, my life is not my own anymore; it’s intricately and inextricably linked to his. And our life is way better together, than it ever was apart.


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