Date Night: The Tochman Version

Last night was a typical Tochman night…which is probably why I love being a Tochman so much!

I got off work and, because Brian has a two-week trial at the gym I belong to(AND is in town—yay!), we met up for a workout. We don’t necessarily work out together, but knowing he is there makes me all the more motivated. Plus, as much as I hate to admit it, he gives me lots of great tips and suggestions when it comes to the weights-portion of the workout.

After this, we headed to Whole Foods to do some shopping and pick up some dinner. This is definitely my favorite place to go after a great workout, because I feel all the more inspired to eat healthy, wholesome foods. That said, I did somehow manage to walk out with two pints of ice cream…gotta satisfy that sweet tooth of mine!!

We then headed home for a nice, easy, healthy dinner and enjoyed some wine while catching up on some of our favorite TV shows. It was a simple, no fuss evening—just the kind I love the most.  I love that Brian and I can do so many things together, and I never take for granted that we enjoy each other’s company so much. I wouldn’t trade our date nights for anything!


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