Weekend Wishlist

Life has been going a million miles a minute lately…or so it seems. Brian’s job has been insanely busy and hugely time-consuming for the last several weeks, we have been traveling on weekends, and trying to make some important decisions on top of all of it. I am just plain and simply tired. And Brian is exponentially so.

Consequently, I have decided to create a wish list for our upcoming weekend. Things to do during this beautiful springtime in Big D. So here goes:
Hit the driving range (or maybe Top Golf)…tis the season, after all. Drink a beer on our front porch. Take Froggie on a nice long walk. Sleep in (which is entirely unrealistic for us…but a girl can dream). Try a new recipe. Open all the windows in the house and do some spring cleaning (which I actually enjoy…weird as that is). Spend some time reading. Go for a bike ride…try for a new time record. Shop for new sandals for Brian…maybe a new bikini for me (hitting the beach next weekend). Attend the Easter service at Church.

Or maybe, just maybe, make no plans at all.

This may sound like a boring weekend. But it honestly sounds perfect to me! Just spending time with my favorite man, and my favorite Frog, too. So now that the wish list is made, I can spend my week day dreaming of the relaxing weekend to come! Here’s Friday coming quickly!

Happy Monday to all!


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