Happy Birthday Abbie!

Twenty-three years ago my life changed forever. Twenty-three years ago my life changed for the better.

Abigail Ann came in to my life as a tremendous threat. I was barely a year old, and thought the idea of another baby vying for my parents attention was the end of the world…or at least my world. I was very unsure of her, and did not appreciate the intrusion in to my life one little bit. All this changed as I began to realize that she was not a threat; not an enemy at all. She was my other half, my best friend, my partner in crime. From the days of toddling around the house, to the weekends crashing at each other’s’ apartments in college, Abbie has always been there. I love this girl!!!



She is strong yet kind, reserved and genuine. She is determined, generous, thoughtful, and selfless. I learn so much from her, and look up to her in so many ways! Happy Happy Birthday, Abba-bug! I hope you have a great day (and feel better soon!!!), and always know that I am your number one fan (I tie with Mom and Dad!!), and am SO proud of the beautiful young lady you have become!Love you so much!

And here’s to twenty three more years of adventures and laughter together!


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