Just a Little Change

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity (ok, it was more of a requirement) to take the Birkman Assessment as part of my Provisional Year with the Junior League of Dallas. If unfamiliar, it is basically a personality test that focuses primarily on how you interact with other people, and how you deal with stress. It was actually quite enlightening. I learned a lot about myself, and also, a lot about how other people may view the world because…oh wait, not EVERYBODY sees things exactly the way I do– SO good to remember!! 

Anyway, something that really stuck with me, and that I have been contemplating ever since, is that people in my color quadrant (Green– if you have taken the test), like change, just for the sake of change. Umm what is that supposed to mean?? Don’t get me wrong, I completely agree with that evaluation of myself–it is SO true–but, is that ok?

Is it ok that I am incredibly restless with routine and have an aversion to predictability?  Is it ok that I so often day-dream about ways to shake things up, or leap fearlessly out of my comfort zone? I really don’t know. What I DO know is that God has completely blessed me with a husband who is also an advocate of change. I would venture to say that changes Brian makes are made more thoughtfully and logically, but he is not opposed, and often desires the challenges that change brings. During this Birkman Assessment, I tried to place Brian on the color map as well, and in many of the categories we were direct opposites. He is task-oriented, I am people-oriented. He is phlegmatic, I am emotional. He focuses on the moment, I globalize the situation. And in all of these ways, I am SO happy that we fall so differently on the color map. Because, had I married someone just like me, I would never grow. I like that Brian makes me stronger and more equipped to face the hardships that life may bring. And I like to think that I help him see people a little better, and the emotions that they have.

But back to change. In this way, I am so happy that we are alike. We are dreamers, yet driven. Determined and decisive. We see eye to eye on our over-arching goals in life, even if our day-to-day approach varies. I love that I have a partner, a best friend, that will change with me. That understands my need for new challenges. That accepts my restless nature yet never lets me settle. I feel incredibly blessed to have him by my side for life and look forward to the many changes we will share together in the coming years.


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