Valentine’s Day

Synonymous with expectation.

Some people live for the romance of it all, others dread the loneliness that it so often accentuates. But everyone comes in to this Hallmark Holiday with expectations set. Some of how wonderfully quixotic it will be, others with the expectation of the isolation it is sure to make them feel. And on both ends of the spectrum, expectations are met, exceeded, and dashed.

I, however, have chosen to use it as a day to be thankful for the other 364 days of memories made, laughter shared, and love felt between my hubby and I. You see, Brian is not exactly the romantic kind. Therefore, Valentine’s Day is just not his forte. Not to say that we wouldn’t go out for a nice dinner if he were in town(which he is not), but it is just not a priority.

Which could majorly bum out the side of me that is all “peonies and poems”, but I don’t let it. I refuse to set arbitrary expectations for one day, that on every other day are nothing short of absurd. Because I know how well he takes care of me, how well he treats me.

I know that he is always watching out for me, that he will always do everything in his power to make my life better. And I know he loves me. I wouldn’t trade a lifetime of that, for one day of flowers and chocolate.

I am so blessed by the husband I have, the love and commitment we share. There are times he surprises me with big, romantic gestures– they always leave me feeling absolutely delighted–and then there are times when he does things without garnering attention or affection that are just as wholeheartedly sweet and thoughtful.

Always making sure my gas tank is full. Always waiting for me on the ski slopes, no matter how adamantly I demand he go on without me. Always calling me as soon as he knows my alarm has gone off in the morning, just to say hi. Always ready to plan a million fun things to do together any given weekend. Always expecting the best out of me, pushing me to that end.

 To name a few.

I love him more each day, and whether or not we celebrate Valentine’s Day plays no role in the relationship we have built. So, waking up this morning, my only expectation was that I would love him more than I did yesterday. That expectation was certainly met. And I expect tomorrow will be the same.

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