Road Trip Tips

Mahoneys’ road trip. It’s just the way we grew up. Texas to New Jersey? Check. Kansas to Washington? Check. Disney World, Hilton Head, and many, many trips to Colorado? Check, check and check. (I mean, come on! Who in their right mind flies with four kids under five?!)

And now it’s time for another road trip. To Breckenridge. Minus Mahoneys. Instead, I’ll be  with the hubby and some friends. And with my expertise (insert eye roll), I have perfected the list of road trip “must-have’s”. So, for all of you inexperienced road trippers–all you frequent fliers out there–here is a little help for your next expedition a la car.

Must Have’s:

Chewy candy/gum (it makes you feel productive)

A book on tape (YES, it sounds old-fashioned, but it really does help)

A sense of humor (truly a MUST)

Good music…that everyone in the car can agree on

Hand sanitizer (three  words: gas station bathrooms)

Sunchips and Pringles (let’s face it…they make the world a better place)

A fully charged phone (in this day in age, your phone is definitely a lifeline with all of the options WiFi provides!)

A book or magazine (unless you are prone to car sickness like myself)

Good stories of your last road trip (reminiscing is always fun!)

A list of at least 3 or 4 car games (aka the liscense plate game)

Pillows (preferably with penguin pillowcases…at least for me)

A nice warm blanket (because SOME people crank up the air conditioning without asking)

Patience. Lots of patience.

And finally, a good map (see fully charged phone above) because as great as road trips are…they do not need to be longer than necessary!

There you have it.

So go right ahead and hit the open road. Enjoy our beautiful country…and just don’t forget the necessities for that road trip!


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