Love Language

Brian and I speak our own language…at least in a few, distinct phrases of our own making. Some vocalized statements, some gestures, some unspoken words understood in moments of simple eye contact. This language includes funny asides, secret nomenclature, Frog-isms, and romantic idioms. I love it–cherish it.

We can be out on the town with a bunch of friends, or sitting on the couch holding hands, but he always knows what I am thinking, and what phrase to pull out of our “vocabulary” to describe my mood.

Though I fully believe in keeping this language, this tradition, between he and I, there is one phrase—a saying of ours—that I will share.

Brian and I love to take walks. We go on explorations with Froggie that can last hours at a time. I love it, and often consider it the highlight of my day or weekend. On one of these such walks, I was in what Brian accurately describes as a “funky” mood. Not mad, not sad, just “funk-dified”. So, problem-solver that he is, Brian decided in order to snap me out of it, he’d create a memory, a genuinely sweet moment to get me to smile.

Enter Funky Bridge.


Brian walked with me to the middle of the bridge, told me he loved me, and gave me a kiss. Sweet. Simple. And yet, it worked like a charm. Sometimes all I need to snap out of a lousy mood, is just a little unaffected love. And that is exactly what he provided.

So, now, in the dictionary of “Brian and Becca”, a trip to the “Funky Bridge”, is a fool-proof way to cure a funky mood.

And there is a lesson in part of the formation of our “love language”.


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