The Flow is Fun

I pride myself on “going with the flow”.  On being one of those people that takes life as it comes, that does not get too stressed about any one given situation, that prioritizes the things that really matter.

Yeah, that is my “ideal”.

Reality? Not so much.

Don’t get me wrong, I am very good at letting go of perfection when it comes to such things as house and yardwork(to which Brian can attest). I go with the flow on many things in life that I deem “secondary” to what truly matters. But when it comes to people…I am an absolute perfectionist, and not at all laissez faire. Relationships are extremely important to me and, to that end, I take them seriously and always want to be the best wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend I can be.

Easier said than done. And often times I fail miserably.  But what I think I am finally starting to learn is that it is ok to not be perfect, to not please everyone, to not be everybody’s best friend. In fact, not only is it “ok”, it is impossible to be everything to everyone.

So, while one of my initiatives for the year is spending more time taking care of my home and my husband (i.e. cooking and cleaning), maybe I do need to let go of my perfectionism in relationships a little bit. I need to accept that fact that things change, people grow together and apart, and that the flow truly is fun. It is all apart of the journey, and I just need to go with it.


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