“one plus one equals seven”

Wednesday mornings are among my favorite of the week. This is due to the fact that I get to see one of my very dearest friends for a coffee date each Wednesday prior to giving in to the business of the day. We share laughter and we share issues we’ve been dealing with. And, without fail, every time I leave, I feel encouraged, refreshed, and happy.  I look forward to these mornings.

This week, as we were talking about decisions and “The Future”, she told me something I will not forget. As she and her husband see it, with God, “one plus one equals seven”. In other words, our finite brains can only produce so many solutions to each problem. I can go right, left, forward or backward. But I can’t walk on water.

But God can part the sea, and allow me to walk on dry land between water. Definitely not one of the original options.

So, who am I to say that there are only four solutions to the problem? That there are only a couple of ways to go about any given situation? With God, that is simply not true.

As my dad often tells me, much to my dismay, life is only ever getting more and more complicated. I think balancing work and my marriage is hard? Great. Add kids. I think babies and toddlers are hard? Ok. Try teenagers. Or sickness. Or financial issues. Or the loss of a loved one.

Life is hard, and, in a linear way, does not grow easier with time. Decisions seem to hold much more weight, with much more at stake, the older I get. Contrariwise, it gets more difficult to trust God. To hand my situation over to Him. But I need to. Because when I think there is no way out, when surely I am at the end of my rope, He will show me a path right in front of me. One that I never saw, because instead of seven, I saw two.


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