Life is a million snapshots placed in a certain order, each capturing a unique moment in time. And there are a lot of important moments. “THE” moment you get in to the college of your dreams, “THE” moment you walk across the graduation stage, “THE” moment you meet the man you are going to marry, or “THE” moment you see him for the first time as you walk down the aisle.

 These are all great moments; snapshots of life. These are the moments everyone hopes for, dreams of, and waits on. But they are the culmination of so many other moments, equally important yet somehow not as anticipated. The hours and hours spent pouring over applications, essays and interviews to get in to that college. The hundreds of lectures attended, tests taken, and papers written to graduate in good standing from that college. The guys you meet that do not turn out to be your husband, or the months and months spent in preparation for that wedding day, that moment walking down the aisle.

These snapshots would not mean nearly as much without the moments between. The hard work, the perseverance, the effort it takes to get from one to the next.

I am thankful for these great moments in life…and I do anticipate many more in the future. But I am equally thankful for the times in between each snapshot, and the people that help me get through them.


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