Tochman Traditions

 Though I have been married five months and am an old pro at the whole marriage thing (insert: eye roll), I am still experiencing firsts.

This will be my first Christmas away from my family, my first Christmas as a married woman, my first Christmas to begin our new “Tochman Traditions” for the holidays. I am thrilled at the thought of starting traditions with my husband that will carry on with our own family as it grows over the years, and I am also saddened to spend my very first Christmas away from my family. Christmas in the Mahoney household has always been an event. We share laughter, food, memories, gifts, and a lot of love. It is one of my favorite times that my family gathers. But, as we have grown up, we have expanded our family, and now, my brothers and I have in-laws. I count it as a blessing to have two families that I love now—and am genuinely excited to spend Christmas with my new one!

What will our traditions be? I am not sure. But I do know, like everything else in life, they will change and develop over time. We will not always spend Christmas on the beach in Florida, as we are this year, and we will spend it with my family some years, too. But always, I will spend it with my husband, my best friend. And I think the first tradition I will establish will be waking up on Christmas morning and thanking God that I get to spend it with my better half.


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