As one of the laws of nature, I can appreciate and accept gravity as a constant. However, in terms of my daily life, gravity is more of an interruption than assistance. My husband however is very adept at accepting this concept in his life. And so the dance of married life begins.


Let me explain this in a different way. Brian is the realist and I, the optimist. He sees things in black and white, where as I prefer to look at them in shades of gray. He tends to focus on daily needs and obligations, where as I like to dream and imagine what could be. We are different; neither of us necessarily wrong, but our perspectives are polar opposites.


So, to me, our marriage is a dance. Brian is the gravity that holds us to the dance floor, and I am the steps that keep us on our toes. He keeps me grounded, I keep him moving. It is an art to live with someone who does not see life exactly as you do, who may have a different outlook on how to address any given issue, but like dancing, it is learned. It takes practice and a lot of hard work. As a newlywed, I’ve learned to compromise and to communicate…and I can see that in the years to come these traits, or steps in our dance, will only become more vital.


At the end of the day though, there is no dance partner I would rather have. And being grounded in reality with him is better than any dream I could imagine.





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