Operation Spider Web

I hate spiders.

Anyone who knows me even just a little, maybe even strangers…KNOW that I HATE spiders.

 One of the many benefits of growing up with brothers is that they doubled as spider-slayers. Now, my husband has taken over this role, when he is home, that is. This morning, unfortunately, he was not. 

 As I was getting ready for work I saw a spider in the corner of the bathroom. Now, I did not panic…right away.  I just calmly called Froggie to the scene and politely asked him to rid my bathroom of the critter. He did not oblige as he was much too interested in playing with me. Ugh. Plan B. I grabbed one of Brian’s hiking shoes (thanks, Honey!), and dropped it on the spider. That should do it, I thought. And it did…for that one.

As I slowly pulled the shoe away, with it came a spider web which started unraveling across the entire footboard of my bathtub. I counted four more spiders before I took off for the living room. AHH! This is not a situation that I like to deal with. Clearly. What to do, what to do?  I grabbed the vacuum and with it came tears, naturally, considering Brian wasn’t there and the vacuum hose was not at least a mile long. But I braved the bathroom, did a very thorough job with the vacuum across all the footboards, under the cabinets, and in to the closet…and kissed those eight-legged nightmares and their webs goodbye.

 I gather that this will have to be a recurring cleaning ritual, as I don’t want to give any more spiders the idea that they are welcome.  Yet another new concept for me. I mean, I think I vacuumed…two weeks ago, maybe ? I guess that I will have to do it a little more often so as not to run in to this situation again.

Like gardening and baking, cleaning is something that does not happen by itself. It is something that needs to be done frequently, and something that I will just have to do, one way or the other. The joys of growing up continue!!


P.S. Mom– you become my hero more and more with each passing day!!


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