Domesticated. Day One.

Who knew home ownership would be so much work?!?

My sweet husband suggested casually yesterday that today be our “work around the house” day. Perfect. No issues. I envisioned myself dusting the shelves, washing some dishes, and calling it a day.

Ummm, no.

First, yard work. Now apparently, I volunteered myself to be the “gardener” of the two of us upon buying our first home (though I do not remember this conversation…I am sure it is true). The “getting my hands dirty” part of gardening does not bother me, its the lack of instant results that leaves me uninspired. I want to see the vines grow up our lattices now, and the beautiful flowers bloom–today. The hard work is not  off-putting, it is the lack of vision I see for what it can be, based on what it presently is. That said, I have slacked in my gardening duties and have  had to play a little catch up this morning. Enter: rakes, weeds, and Froggie’s….presents.

As I spent the better part of the morning clearing out the disastrous mess that was our front beds, I started to scoop all the weeds and such into our compost bin (yet another new concept for me!), and felt something squishy. Horrified, I slowly looked down at my hands that were covered in Froggie’s poop! AGH! That was IT. I was done weeding for the day.

Brian laughed.

Next on the list, blowing leaves. Relatively painless considering FrogDog and I just watched as Brian did most of the work (we assisted by playing in them). After hosing down the driveway and sweeping away the grass clippings, we blissfully got a reprieve in the comfort of air conditioning.

Pink lemonade has never tasted so good as right then.

Time for the second battle of the day. Baking. Another relatively new, yet oh-so-important skill. I am hosting a cocktail party for my sweet sister this week and am wanting to make cupcakes for it. Now, “wanting” is definitely the key word in this sentence. They are fresh from the oven as I write, but remain untouched. Judging by the smell, I would say–complete success…but judging by my past record, I’m wary. You see, my biggest problem with baking is that it involves following directions. NOT my forte by any stretch of the imagination. I am much too creative for that. I like “seeing how things will turn out” and “well, maybe this will work”, not 3/4 cup of water and 2 large eggs. No imagination required. Boring.

But I am turning over a new leaf. Trying to push myself, force myself in to the kitchen and yes, even in to the cookbook. Who knows? Maybe the outcome will be so good as to entice me to keep up this trend.

We shall see.

I am also going to try my hand at several hors d’oeuvres, and maybe even a creative cocktail or two, depending upon how enterprising I feel.

To sum up my day’s adventures. I have learned a couple of things about myself as I begin the journey of becoming more domestic…or at least somewhat proficient in taking care of my family and my home.

1. Instant gratification does not exist. And hard work is what instills pride in one’s home.

2. Reading directions is always the way to go…no matter how many eggs you think will make you dessert “fluffier”.

3. Under absolutely NO circumstances should you EVER pick up anything that even appears to be squishy in your garden!!

On to the next endeavor…and lesson to learn.


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